Tommerand Baybeard


Hit points-(14)
Alingment-(neutral good)
Armor Type-(leather)
Armor Class-(5)
Experience points-()
Weapon type-(battle axe x2)(dagger)
Damage-(1-8 s/m/l)(1-4 s/m 1-3 l)
Saving Throws
paralyzation/poison/death magic(14)
breath weapon(17)

Strength——(18) hit prob(1) damage adjust(2) weight allow(750) open door(1-3) bend bars(16%)
Inteligence-(14) poss # lang (4) chance to know spell (55%) min # (6) max # (9)
Wisdom———(10) magical attack adjust (none) spell bonus (none) chance of spell fail (15%)
Dexterity—-(17) reaction/attack adjust (2) defensive adjust (-3)
Consitution-(15) hit point adjust (+1) system shock survival (91%) resurrection survival (94%)
Charisma——(10) max # henchmen (4) loyalty base (normal) reaction adjust (normal)


Tommerand Baybeard is an explorer from the land of Sham. He hails from the hills around the dwarvin comunity of Mensway Dark. His brother is an explorer of great reknown in his village and Tommerand has lived in his shadow for way too long, so he took the first boat leaving Sham to make discoveries that will make his brother’s pale in comparison

Tommerand Baybeard

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